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Fun Flex is an innovative modular system that easy to attach and customize play time anywhere baby goes: Stroller, Twin Stroller, Crib, Car seat, High chair, Pack & play, Swing, Table, Booster, Bouncer, Diaper changing table, Bassinets, Gym/Mat and anywhere you can envision. Fun Flex system includes interchangeable toy and components that include a flexible arm and a clamp that can grip anywhere, play anytime and any way you choose! In addition, Fun Flex is a novelty line that can fulfill your baby developmental needs with fun toys, accessories and more. FunFlex - “Fun for Baby, Flex for You!”

  • 11 fun & flexible combinations: Package contains 7 Pieces
  • Customize play time anywhere baby goes
  • Connect a variety of different toys
  • Toys designed to be developmentally appropriate for every stage

    Multi-Flex Set