Rug Circus Collection

Kilim* rugs in 100% New Zealand wool with overprint work, entirely handmade. In addition to the black print of the face we have geometric weaving in the weft and braids finishing Inspired by the circus. An equilibrist carpet, due to the complexity of the addition of Kilim techniques, weaving and printing.
*Kilim = Oriental carpets made of wool, woven in a low-woven, artisanal product specific to Muslim nomadic peoples, particularly Anatolia, Iran and the Caucasus.

  • The materials used are all natural
  • Carpets hand-woven
  • 100% Wool
  • Tassel and braid finish
  • Each Varanassi carpet is folded and packaged in a cotton case (50 x 30 x 5/7 cm)
  • Size 100x150cm

                          Rug Circus Collection




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